Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tandem Friends wins State-Semi 2-1

Tandem Friends avenged an earlier season loss with a 2-1 victory over the Fighting Owls in Friday's State Semi-Final. The Badgers got on the board first after dominating early possession and play. Taking eight corner kicks in the first 20 minutes, Tandem Friends had their way early with the Wakefield mid-field and back line. The Owls equalized quickly however and began to take over play. Diane scored the Owl goal minutes after the Badger strike.

The Owls domininated position and possession for the first 25 minutes of the second half but could not solve the Badger goal keeper. Many of the Wakefield shots went high or wide and those that were on frame were saved. A Badger counter against the flow of play stunned Wakefield and gave Friends the advantage they needed to continue on to the final.

The Owls finished the season 12- 4.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wakefield Defeats North Cross 4-1

Wakefield bounced back from a heart-breaking loss to Seton in the third overtime in the DAC Final to defeat a stuborn, plucky North Cross team. North Cross traveled from Raleigh to take on the Fighting Owls in the VISSA State Quarterfinals on Bohn Field on Tuesday, May 12, 2009. Diane again led the Owl scoring attack with two typical Legette Lasers. Her first goal came 4 minutes into the game on a beautiful strike from the top of the penalty. The North Cross keeper had no chance. North Cross tied the score on a free kick after an un-necessary Owl foul late in the first half. Catherine was surprized by a deflection and the game was tied 1-1.

Demee came through big time early in the second half with the most creative goal of the season. From out of nowhere she popped the ball over the North Cross keeper and into the net for a 2-1 Owl lead. Diane netted her second of the day with a sliding gritty stike that opened a 3-1 lead. The Owls then dominated play and possession for the rest of the game. Deep midfielder Jordan joined the scoring parade with a nice strike for the final margin of 4-1.

The Owls next play Tandem Friends in Richmond on Friday afternoon at 5PM at St. Catherine's School. Tandem Friends promises to be a tough opponent off their early performance against Wakefield and their magnificent upset of Eastern Mennonite on Tuesday. We are going to try to broadcast the game live over Internet Radio but that may not prove doable. Check back for further details tomorrow.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

DAC Championship Game Saturday vs Seton

We are loose, prepared, and happy. Thursday's great win has given our team the opportunity to play Seton for the DAC Championship. The game is on Saturday morning at 11:30 at Highland. Even with all of the rain and mud we will be playing on Highland's spectacular surface on their new Turf field. Thank you Hawks for this opportunity to play the Championship on your field. We are prepared and hungry for today's chance to win the DAC and prove that we are better than we showed earlier in the season against Seton.

We are meeting at Wakefield at 9:30 on Saturday morning to ride the "Big Cheese" to the game together as a team. Coach Metcalf and the Captains are in charge as I will be at a mandatory coaches meeting at Highland at 9 AM.

Remember, carry your boots onto the Turf field. Lace 'em up on the pitch and get ready to play some Football!! Let's live the extraordinary life today. Let's make the most of this opportunity with great sportswomanship and sportmanship, great football, and virtuous actions. You do not get these chances often!

Remember, it is just a game and games are fun!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Champions of the CAC

The Fighting Owls won the CAC Championship on Thursday afternoon with a convincing 11-2 triumph over a young gritty Notre Dame Academy squad at the the "Bohn Yard". Diane and Savi led all scorers with 3 goals and 4 goals repectively. It was Diane's fifth hat trick of the year!

Jesse scored her first goal of the season in a strong performance in the midfield. Senior forward Demi scored with a pretty strikes. Gracie added a nice goal. Catherine played very well in the midfield and in the front with her smiling aggressive style.

Izzie was the player of the game today. Her distribution, control of the midfield and all around leadership on the field anchored the Owls' performance. Izzie scored a nice goal and displayed her best field vision of the year.

Julie and Katie played valuable minutes in the back with solid performances. Kiely is improving with every minute she plays and again showed her promise with solid passing and movement in the midfield. Maxx lost her clean sheet but turned in a Championship effort in the goal. Freshman defenders Sara and Nia played a flawless first half. Sarah and Gracie gained some valuable experience in the central midfield.

Thursday's win was the 10th of the season for the Fighting Owls. The entire team performed like a Champion!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WCDS Falls in CAC Semis

The first leg of the journey ended well with a convincing 11-0 triumph over a game but outmatched WCDS side. The team defends their title on Thursday against Notre Dame on the Bohn Yard at 4:30 PM. The Fighting Owls are looking for their 10th victory of the campaign.

On Tuesday the Fighting Owls established their dominance from the opening moments as Izzy stuck the first dagger into the Owls inside the first minute. Izzy finshed the match with 2 goals. Diane added another hat trick to her incredible season. Demee found the net for 2 goals, Savi added one, and Gracie had another fine strike. Polish exchange student Ika ( or Domi as the coach calls her ) got her first goal of the season. Liza popped in her second of the year. Everyone played in the match and it was a total team victory!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Win, Loss, Win--8-2 heading into CACs.DACs and VAISS STATES

The last week has been a roller coaster of emotions and results. We began with a wonderful international experience on Thursday April 16 when we entertained the Pakastani Women's U20 club champions around the school and on the Pitch. We exchanged ideas with the coaching staff, showed them around Wakefield and had their girls attend classes with our girls. We worked out with them on the pitch for a solid two hours. Everyone had a wonderful time and the football was crisp and spirited. We engaged in a mixed roster training session that improved everyone's skills and love for the game.

On Saturday we took on Tandem Friends in the Bohn Yard. Diane and Izzie led us again with three goals between them. Diane and Izzie each put one in early, staking us to a 2-0 lead at the half. Friends re-grouped and toned down the high powered Owl attack, getting a goal of their own, cutting the Owl advantage to 1. TF kept attacking the Wakefield goal, and were only turned away by a sizzling save by Catherine, followed by a brilliant punch save to preserve the Owl lead. Jesus saves, but so does Catherine!

Diane then stuck a dagger free kick into the top 90 of the TF goal to give the Owls the final margin of 3-1. A great victory against a quality opponent.

Highland came to campus on Tuesday for a huge game played on the Upper Field. A beautiful Senior Day ceremony opened the festivities. Under threatening skies, and in front of a large crowd, the Owls played their best half of soccer this season jumping out to a quick 2-0 lead against our arch nemisis from Warrenton. A rain delay help up the game for 30 minutes. Wakefield went to the half leading 2-0.

The Hawks showed their resiliency and courage in the storm drenched second half. A massive storm decended upon the game with brutal whipping winds behind the surging Hawks. Three set plays in the final 20 minutes resulted in three Highland scores and a 3-2 victory over the unlucky Owls. The Owls mustered a final surge but could not find the equalizer. A great game to be a part of, but a tough, tough game to lose.

On Thursday the team traveled to Fredericksburg Christian School for what promised to be a tough match against a team that had just lost to Highland by the exact score of 3-2. I wondered how the girls would come out of the Highland defeat. After a slow start, the Owl offense got into high gear. Diane buried a PK after Savey was hauled down down from behind in front of an open goal. Diane then stuck a 35 yard free kick into the top ninety with an amazing strike for a 2-0 lead. The Owls then stuck in 2 more goals for a 4-0 lead, both off of the Diane's golden foot, for a 4-0 lead. Gracie followed with the 5th talley of the game and Savey added a 6th before halftime for a 6-0 lead.

The second half saw the Owls trying different things and possessing the ball for extended periods. FC never quit however, and they ruined Max's shutout bid in her return to goal. The defenders were tough and the midfielders ruled the game. A great rebound from the Highland Heatbreaker!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Moving to 6 - 1

We won our sixth game with an 11-2 victory at Foxcroft. Popcorn soccer went very well on Tuesday. We will be missing some players on Saturday morning but we have adjusted our thinking and have a solid game plan. It should be a good match with Tandem Friends. Go Owls.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Workout cancelled--It will be cold on Tuesday

Diane let me know as I was coming out to the Plains that only 5 people or so would be at the field so we agreed to scrap the workout for Monday. We play Foxcroft on the road on Tuesday and I am sure they want revenge. This is the first time we have played a team who know what to expect from us. It could be very interesting. Remember to dress warm. See you tomorrow.

Booge and Dave

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday Workout

Happy Easter!

Girls, I will be on the Upper Field with our soccer balls, on Monday April 13, 2009 at 4PM. If you are back in town I hope that you will be there to workout. We play a game on Tuesday so we need to touch the ball a bit. Let's get that sixth win.

If you cannot be there on Monday please let me know.

Friday, April 10, 2009

An Opportunity

taught by Coach Stu Pierson

free to Wakefield Varsity Soccer players, 8th grade and up (boys and girls)
and others by invitation only -



followed by Pickup Soccer at Wakefield School's top field

We will usually play in the rain but always, please be sure to
check the hotline before leaving the house, 877-474-8246 code 925.

Hope to see you there!
Stu Pierson

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BAck on Track--9-1 win over Foxcroft

Way to bounce back after Saturday, team. We sure can score goals when we are hitting on all cylinders, in very difficult conditions. I hope everyone has thawed out. We scored some exquisite goals. Our third goal was a one-touch gem from midfield to goal box with Issey "writing the last stanza" with a one touch finish that warmed up the whole field. There was lots of good stuff that I will write about later. For now a few picts from the match.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Slipping to 4-1, Moving on....

We were beaten yesterday by a very good team. No one is more disappointed than all of you by the game. I understand that. In the first 15 minutes we were confused, under-manned, and just plain bad. We all know the reasons for this.

I did not let you guys just play. I failed to use my imagination for the start of the game and I take the blame for that. Extraordinary people make no excuses for failure but learn from it for future success.

Seton, as they should have, took advantage of everything and put three scores in very quickly. Everyone, but all of you, expected us to fold our tent. We did not however and fought back courageously. We exhibited all of the virtures in the last 65 minutes of the match. I am very proud of all of you.

On the positive side, Diane's 10th goal of the season was a gorgeous strike and got us back in the match. We pressured well and did not give in after everyone arrived and we started to find our rythymn. We ended the half down 3-1.

We played hard in the second half. Seton got a goal on a great bounce off the post and we were down 4-1. Maxx had a solid 65 minutes in the goal. Izzy was game but exhausted. Diane was the best player on the field and Seton marked her at times with three players. We failed to take advantage of that. Our passing just seemed to be out of kilter a bit. Savanna tried to overcome her achilles problem but just wasn't herself. Nia's shins gave out. Gracie played her heart out. It wasn't our day.

Remember, we a lost a game, not a season. The game is history and the schedule is what we can do something about. We will keep doing the same things. We will keep training the same ways. We have Foxcroft and Highland this week. Let us go forward!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday to 4-0

Great show on Friday, team. The passing and communication rocked, in the first half especially, as we hit the back of the net six times. Diane started us off with a crushed rope at the 3 minute mark. Five minutes later Savanna chipped in with a pretty goal off a deadly through pass from Gracie at the 8 minute mark. A few minutes later she popped in her second goal. Savanna completed her hat-trick, bringing the score to 4-0. Izzy, still feeling a bit under the weather, scored the first of her two goals at in the 25th minute. Liza Wood brought the score to 6-0, with her first goal ever, at the 30 minute mark. Beautiful play in the midfield slid her through for the point blank shot.

The game slowed down a bit in the second half but we still commanded play. Demi scored her 4th of the season with a nice strike at the fifty minute mark. Izzy crushed a shot at at 55 minutes bringing the score to the final of 8-0. We lost our concentration a bit for the last 25 minutes and survived serveral attacks. Only a great save from XX kept the clean sheet for us. We experimented a bit with 4 defenders and we will work a bit more with that in training on Monday.

Get ready for the big match Saturday against Seton. We will be a bit short-handed with Jordan out for sure, and Katie a probable at best. We are nicked and tired from the match yesterday. It is time to reach down and get one more solid effort. The team is transitioning from good to great. Coaching this team is pure pleasure.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3-0; Good Training

A good solid victory on Monday against Rappahannock County High School. We jumped on them right from the start to put the game out of reach early. We put Gracie through on a spectacular ground ball out of the midfield and the Rappahannock defender just crushed her from behind giving us a penalty. Gracie stepped calmly to the spot and buried the ball into the right corner giving us a 1-0 lead in the second minute. The mids then kept control of the game and we raced to a 3-0 lead. Savanna and Diane both scored nice goals in the spurt. Our scoreless streak then ended as Rappahannock scored a goal. Max just lost concentration for a minute and the ball was in the net. That would be the last time there was any doubt about whether RCHS would score again.

Demi scored two goals and Diane added 3 more to finish the game with four. Diane has two hat tricks in a row. Jordan scored a nice goal from the front. Catherine put one in from up close and we came away with a 10-1 victory. Liza stroked another assist.

We adjusted for Izzy's absence moving Savanna into the central midfield and Jordan to the front. Katie stepped into the deep midfielder role in place of Jordan. We also missed Domi who was also out sick. Jessie played strong minutes in the front in the second half.

Margaret and Kiely gave us great minutes in the front and the back. Kiely made another bone crunching tackle late in the game that just put an exclaimation on the victory! Sarah played well in the back again with Nia and Alex. Sarah played some strong minutes in the central midfield in the second half increasing our future flexibility.

We still need to work on our communication, especially in the back. We had a few moments of confusion in the back third, which against a better team could create some problems for us. The mids and front runners also have to track back harder to help the defenders bring the ball out when under pressure. Our front runners also have to track back to the ball a bit better and start making diagonal runs to the flags and back posts. We had far too many off-sides, especially in the second half. Disciplined imagination scores goals.

We trained very well on Tuesday. Keep it up today and Thursday. We have a big weekend ahead of us with games against Notre Dame at home on Friday, and Seton away on Saturday. This is a chance to move into the elite. Let's make good on it.

Just remember, it is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. Have fun playing, win or lose. Play with fortitude, temperence, prudence and virtue. Love the beautiful game and it will love you back for the rest of your life.

Go Wakefield!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great week

Hey girls,

Terrific week. We really got forward, and as Coach said, if we have two center midfielders scoring 6 goals, we are certainly getting them involved. Our outside midfielders should had a few themselves, including the sanctimonious soccer star who just couldn't find the net. I was also really impressed with the defense. Granted, it was not the most difficult of circumstances, but we picked up the shut - out, marked our opponents, and continued to witness improvement in our communication and coordination. Kylie, Katie plus ten, and the Catillionaire herself did a commendable job when we substituted our entire defense out.

I can't wait for next week. We need to continue this going forward. St. Catherine plans on shouting forth thirty more Hail Mary's in order to get her goal. Dominica the Destroyer, L-Box, J-Hutch, and Margaradinho are also itching for a chance to join the already extensive score sheet we have compiled. Fun for all!

On a more serious note, Kangaroo poaching is no laughing matter. Loose and ineffectual regulations regarding hunting practices, combined with a global soccer community's avarice for kangaroo leather on their shoes, have effectuated the decimation of many kangaroo populations. Most of our soccer cleats are manufactured with kangaroo leather. I hereby reject further purchases of kangaroo leather, and will instead pursue alternative synthetic man-made leathers. I have seen the light. Will you?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Owls Go Forward Again, take Quantico 8-0

Great game yesterday team. We dominated from start to finish and came away with a very convincing conference win. We are a good team.

Izzy celebrated her birthday with a delightful hat-trick which complimented another hat-trick from mid-field partner Diane. Six Goals out of the central midfield is truly going forward. Demee chimed in with her first goal of the season and Savanah popped in number 2. Good stuff, front runners.

We played an eager, but outmatched team and we didn't let them hang around. In our rush to score goals however, we tended to be sloppy at times. We tried to force a few that were not there. We need to work on build-up and possession for times when our mistakes, and we made some, will be punished. We need to play with daring discipline. The passing was not nearly as crisp as against PJPG.

Congrats Maxx, on your first shut-out of the season.

Overall, a great outing. We play home on Monday. Remember the white shirts. 2-0. Good stuff!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Going Forward to a 4-1 victory

We scored the first goal of the game!

Great stuff yesterday in the Opening Game. For most of match we were in control of the ball and playing popcorn soccer. Right off the bat it was pop pop pop over-the-top GOAL!

We started going forward right from the opening kickoff and took the ball over the top to Savanna to grab a quick 1-nill lead. Diane and Izzy took control of the ball in mid-field and spotted the oportunity and delivered a brilliant ball to Savanna, which she calmly drilled between the posts for a quick lead.

PJPG, like all good teams, came storming back, and quickly knotted the score at 1. The equalizer came off an early mistake in the back and a scintillating top 90 strike from the PJPG midfielder. Maxx Rice, opening in goal, had no chance on the shot. 5 minutes in and it looked like a shoot-out was erupting, both teams going forward and scoring great goals.

Then Izzy and Diane began to dominate the central mid-field. Catherine and Gracie opened the wings. The five mid-fielder alignment simply dominated possession and carried the game to offensive third with sharp quick touch passes that only great goal keeping and good defening held off. On our second corner kick at 22 minutes (looked like a Brazil) Gracie cleaned up a rebound off a Demee strike for a 2-1 lead which we carried to the half. The pace was fast and furious and our conditioning began to tell on the other team. It is hard to chase and our passing and skills kept PJPG doing just that. The possession sessions on the training field were paying dividends.

The second half brought more of the same. Our defenders started to control the back line, learning to organize themselves as the match progressed. Alex directed them brilliantly, like Wellington at Waterloo, and we turned back some early pressure from PJPG. Sarah performed magnificently in the back, often bringing the ball forward with devastating effect. The mid-fielders came back to defend well providing double teams to the ball. Our second defenders took over very well when the initial defender was beaten. Katie came into the game to play in the goal and made some creditable saves, though the defenders keep her from being seriously tested.

After weathering PJPG's attemts to push forward early in the second half our mids took back the game for us and again dominated possession. The outside mid-fielders in both halves opened up very well and brought the ball into the center with crushing effect. Only great goal-keeping kept PJPG in the game. Diane took the game into her hands, which great players so often do, and got the ball to Gracie for a great goal and a 3-1 cushion. Diane then frosted the cake with nice goal, with help form Liza Wood. The final score of 4-1 was a fair result.

We played a good team, with two matches already played, and yet we dictated play almost from the start. That is what good teams do, especially to other good teams.

We have things to work on, however. We are still getting used to each other in the back, and that will improve as we train together. Our starting backline had only two training sessions on the field with each other and they developed a repor as the game wore on. Training will help that. So will playing in the games. Remember, when we have the ball everyone attacks. When they take possession EVERYONE defends.

We had great fluidity of motion today and the whole team moved together which is why everything seemed to work. Only once did PJPG come in on goal free. Alex did a great job directing things in the back which is what a central defender needs to do. There was some confusion at times but that will happen. We need to make it happen as little as possible.

We also need to work on our through balls on the grass. The over-the-top ball was working today so we might have stayed with it a bit too long. A great note from my point of view, is that we did not dribble much through the mid-field but passed and passed and passed. We made some great grass passes to the touchlines and we need more of thoses. We also need to make the other team defend centrally. Our front runners need to stay a bit more central and start making diagonal runs from off the ball through the heart of the penalty area. We will play keep away keep away keep away.

A great opening victory!

First Star- Diane and Izzy
Second Star-Gracie
Third Star-Sarah, Alex

Again, a great opening victory. We now have a chance to win two in a row.....lets do it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Training

We are backj and we have the opening match tomorrow against JPII, I am excited and anticipation bulids everywhere. This should be fun

Training today is important. We need to train hard.

3:45-4:00 Warm Up get yourselves warmed up.

4:00-4:20 Passing games

4:30-4:45 full field keep away (two touch max)

4:50-5:30 Set Plays
Free-Kicks (dfk-ifk)
Corner Kicks

I hope everyone noticed that a game was added to the schedule on Friday of this week against Quantico. We have three matches now this week--Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We should be fit by the end of the week:). This is a tough opening week but it is the hand we were dealt. Go FOs!

PS DC United scored a 2-2 tie yesterday against the LA Galaxy away. Their home opener is Saturday night at RFK.

The Washington Freedom, DC's women pro team opens their season March 29 in LA. Maybe we can get together and watch the games.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Message from the Coach

I hope that you enjoyed this little video blurb. I would like to do more and more of this if I can. The whole world is communicating in new and imaginative ways. Go Wakefield School!

Remember that we open the season on Tuesday. This should be a real test for us especially since our fitness may present a challenge to us. We need to play through it. Lace them up for 80 minutes.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Great effort yesterday was fun watching you guys play. Booge is 100% right - if we play with five in the middle, our outside mids have to - I repeat HAVE TO - stay wide. The alternative is a constant traffic jam in the middle of the field. It was good to finally get the defense to play together - AH - you have to accept the fact that you are going to have to bring the volume frequently in getting your defense to roll with the gameplan. All in all, a great start and something we can build on.


Good Stuff in the Full Sided

Good stuff on the field yesterday. We scored goals. We possessed the ball well when we were fresh. We talked to each other and learned how we play together. We owned the midfield which is critical to going forward.

The front runners have to play more central. We have five midfields so much of our outside support will be provided by them. Outside inside is our game. We would love the ball in the middle of the field but we need space for that to happen, which is why we play the ball outside on the attack. We also need to change the field to help create space for our central midfielders.

The defenders were not really tested. Remember to not panic when under attack. Wild clears do not help us. Use the midfielders. Midfielders play back to the ball. Cooperate with each other.

For most of yesterday we had three around the ball which is positive. If we continue to play like we did yesterday we will continue to improve. Play hard. We are not game fit yet. It showed towards the end of yesterday. We need to increase our speed of play. As you move up levels in this game, the speed of play is what separates the great teams from the good teams.

We did well on the corner kicks. We scored one goal off the corners. We had shots off some of the others. Super Duper:)!!

One last note, Katie was brilliant in the goal!!!

Booge and Dave

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full sided today.....

The shooting training yesterday went very well. We have some scorers on the team. Scoring is the greatest feeling on the soccer field. Scoring against Highland may be the greatest feeling you will have this year!

Remember that our goal is for every team member to put one in the back of the net during a match. Take care of the ball, keep it away from the other team, and go forward. We will score goals if we do that.

Remember the corner kick calls. England-back post, Italy-out side the goal box, Brazil-top of the penalty area and of course SUPER DUPER!!!!!!

I am sorry that I forgot the "kewl" down skipping yesterday. Ring around the Rosey was also missed by David and me. Do not let me neglect it today!!

We will try to combine forces with the MS A team today and go full sided for about an hour. This will allow us to solidify our thinking about an initial eleven for the opener on March 24, 2009. Start spreading the word. We want a crowd there!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

GoalKeeper Solution??

Friday was a great training day. The team pictures should be wonderful and I cannot wait to see them. I will email the individuals to you all as quickly as I can. Moving to the fields we looked great training in the unis.

The passing drills worked very well. We have good touch on the ball. Remember, however, no "hospital passes". Strike the ball with authority and get it to the receiver. It is the receiver's task to collect the ball. Make that task as simple as possible with good crisp passes. WE SHOULD ALL BE ABLE TO MAKE A 10-15 yard "daisy cutter" pass one or two touches. Practice it whenever you can with a friend whenever you can. Nothing will make a better team. Make the other team chase the ball!!!

We trained with field change passess on Friday. We can execute them. We did it pretty well in the drill. Please try it in field play. A field change pass is to an area on the field where play is not taking place. It is really a pass to space which we will talk about some more next week.

We may have found a goalkeeper. Katie had a wonderful day in the big net Friday afternoon. Her goal kicks were strong and she made several significant saves. I was sure that Izzy's free strike was going in top corner but Katie got there somehow. Brilliant!!

Everyone played well in full field. We made mistakes for sure, but we always contested the ball, and shared well all over the field. DL's rocket shot almost ripped my hand off. Defenders played well and the midfield was always contested. When players lost the ball everyone on their team, for both sides, played hard to get it back. We are starting to approach game fitness.

It was wonderful to get Alex Holcomb and Savanna Booth-Enoch on the field with us. Very solid players. Keep training hard and we will be a good team. Play as fast as you can!

Keep training hard and we will be a good team. Play as fast as you can!

Booge and Dave

ps Dave will be making his own entries now that I have invited him to the be an author of the Blog. I apologize for the delay.

pps The photo is just a random one I found on-line. I thought it showed the beautiful athleticism of our game.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Outside is great

We trained very well today and discovered several strenths and weaknesses about ourselves. I loved the feel of grass under the ball and we all played very hard for 70-80 solid minutes. Another week of this kind of sustained effort and we will approach game fitness levels. Fitness is worth a goal or two against anyone especially in late minutes of a match.

Continue to play with the joy and dedication that you demonstrated today and we will truly have an extraordinary football season whatever our wins and losses record. Thank you to everyone for sharing what you know about this beautiful game that we play with each other and with me.

Remember today is picture day. Come to the computer classroom to pick up a uniform. I would like everyone to come at noon (right afterschool) so we can distribute the unis and settle all of the number issues. I am sure it will not be a problem. I guess I am not used to women sizes but they look very small.

Still looking for a goalkeeper.

Booge and Dave

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Trainning Session Today

Great Training Session today girls. We started to fall in love with the ball today. Great dancing, great shuffling, great dribbling, and most of all great play in the Upper Gym. Tomorrow we may have our five team-mates back from the Basketball tourney and that will give us 16 players.

We have skills out there. Diane had a great day and lived up to her hype. She is the real deal! Izzy is as smooth as silk on the ball and should prove herself to be a wonderful partner to eveyone on the team. Everyone did something good out there this afternoon and everyday we need to do more. Demi and Catherine did lots of good things in attack zone. Julie and Katie were strong defending. Jesse and Nia made their presence felt. Max stood strong several times which promises to help us a great deal. Sarah was good on both sides of the ball and played hard out there. Margaret showed some signs of samba football several times. Coach M helped a lot, doing things, demonstrating things, helping us all at every turn.

The Ball, The Ball, The Ball is our emphasis this week. We are scheduled for the Lower Gym tomorrow afternoon so we will most likely not be able to have an inside venue. Depending on the weather we may be able to go outside. Let us meet in the Lower Gym at 3:45. We will then decide what to do. Please dress for outside play. Cleats, should be worn, if we go outside, sneakers if we stay inside.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Futsal in the Upper Gym

Hi team

The snow ruined our kickoff on Monday and tomorrow the snow will keep us inside. We have gym time from 4:40 through 5:45. We are in the upper gym. Please remember to bring sneakers for playing on the gym floor.

We will play 5 v 5 futsal games. . We will warm up together where ever we can find space. Remember to wear your shin guards. Don't forget red and white t-shirts. Remember that Friday is picture day.

Somebody remind people who have not sent me an email to do so.

Do not forget your sneakers!!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 1 !!!

Hi everyone,

Monday is the first day. We should all be very excited to get back on the pitch for a new season. Coach Metcalf and I are looking forward to playing with you all and developing a great team spirit. When we win we will do so with grace and if we lose, we will lose with dignity. This game reveals character and I am sure our virtues will shine through.

Tomorrow will be cold. Dress warmly. Be sure to bring a water bottle. I suggest a gallon plastic bottle which you can use over and over again. Even when it is cold, you need to hydrate. Please also bring running shoes in case we are forced inside by the weather conditions. We will try to play some futsol if we have to stay inside.

Remember the Blog-- . I will try to update it everyday. The mail list will also be a primary source of information. I am so excited to be a part of your program. We are going to have a great time.

Everyone who comes out will be part of the team. We have 12 players who have sent me emails. More would be nice.

The schedule is on the Wakefield Webpage, . I will get it up on the blog as soon as I can. I am not sure if it is final yet. We open March 24, 2009 against John Paul the Great at home. Lets get ready!

Remember, Go forward, Go Forward. Go Forward!

Coach C

Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to the Program

Welcome everyone Wakefield School Women's Soccer program. Our stated goal is to make sure that everyone falls in love with the world's greatest game and continues to play as long as you physically can and to watch the beautiful game always.

First, we need to take care of some details.

Every player must make sure that they have a sports physical on file with the athletic office.

Every player must make sure that they have completed the Wakefield Athletic Participation agreement.

Every player needs to make sure they have the following equipment

Soccer Cleats
Hard Shinguards
Two red Tshirts
Two white Tshirts
Practice socks

Please put your number on everything that is yours.

We will train in Shinguards. We will train everyday.
Training beings at 4:00 PM and ends at 5:30 PM.
Players are expected to be stretched and warmed up at 4:00 pm.

We owe it to each other to get game fit. Most of our training will be short sided games and drills. Everything is about the ball!