Friday, May 1, 2009

Champions of the CAC

The Fighting Owls won the CAC Championship on Thursday afternoon with a convincing 11-2 triumph over a young gritty Notre Dame Academy squad at the the "Bohn Yard". Diane and Savi led all scorers with 3 goals and 4 goals repectively. It was Diane's fifth hat trick of the year!

Jesse scored her first goal of the season in a strong performance in the midfield. Senior forward Demi scored with a pretty strikes. Gracie added a nice goal. Catherine played very well in the midfield and in the front with her smiling aggressive style.

Izzie was the player of the game today. Her distribution, control of the midfield and all around leadership on the field anchored the Owls' performance. Izzie scored a nice goal and displayed her best field vision of the year.

Julie and Katie played valuable minutes in the back with solid performances. Kiely is improving with every minute she plays and again showed her promise with solid passing and movement in the midfield. Maxx lost her clean sheet but turned in a Championship effort in the goal. Freshman defenders Sara and Nia played a flawless first half. Sarah and Gracie gained some valuable experience in the central midfield.

Thursday's win was the 10th of the season for the Fighting Owls. The entire team performed like a Champion!

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