Saturday, May 9, 2009

DAC Championship Game Saturday vs Seton

We are loose, prepared, and happy. Thursday's great win has given our team the opportunity to play Seton for the DAC Championship. The game is on Saturday morning at 11:30 at Highland. Even with all of the rain and mud we will be playing on Highland's spectacular surface on their new Turf field. Thank you Hawks for this opportunity to play the Championship on your field. We are prepared and hungry for today's chance to win the DAC and prove that we are better than we showed earlier in the season against Seton.

We are meeting at Wakefield at 9:30 on Saturday morning to ride the "Big Cheese" to the game together as a team. Coach Metcalf and the Captains are in charge as I will be at a mandatory coaches meeting at Highland at 9 AM.

Remember, carry your boots onto the Turf field. Lace 'em up on the pitch and get ready to play some Football!! Let's live the extraordinary life today. Let's make the most of this opportunity with great sportswomanship and sportmanship, great football, and virtuous actions. You do not get these chances often!

Remember, it is just a game and games are fun!!

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