Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Stuff in the Full Sided

Good stuff on the field yesterday. We scored goals. We possessed the ball well when we were fresh. We talked to each other and learned how we play together. We owned the midfield which is critical to going forward.

The front runners have to play more central. We have five midfields so much of our outside support will be provided by them. Outside inside is our game. We would love the ball in the middle of the field but we need space for that to happen, which is why we play the ball outside on the attack. We also need to change the field to help create space for our central midfielders.

The defenders were not really tested. Remember to not panic when under attack. Wild clears do not help us. Use the midfielders. Midfielders play back to the ball. Cooperate with each other.

For most of yesterday we had three around the ball which is positive. If we continue to play like we did yesterday we will continue to improve. Play hard. We are not game fit yet. It showed towards the end of yesterday. We need to increase our speed of play. As you move up levels in this game, the speed of play is what separates the great teams from the good teams.

We did well on the corner kicks. We scored one goal off the corners. We had shots off some of the others. Super Duper:)!!

One last note, Katie was brilliant in the goal!!!

Booge and Dave

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