Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full sided today.....

The shooting training yesterday went very well. We have some scorers on the team. Scoring is the greatest feeling on the soccer field. Scoring against Highland may be the greatest feeling you will have this year!

Remember that our goal is for every team member to put one in the back of the net during a match. Take care of the ball, keep it away from the other team, and go forward. We will score goals if we do that.

Remember the corner kick calls. England-back post, Italy-out side the goal box, Brazil-top of the penalty area and of course SUPER DUPER!!!!!!

I am sorry that I forgot the "kewl" down skipping yesterday. Ring around the Rosey was also missed by David and me. Do not let me neglect it today!!

We will try to combine forces with the MS A team today and go full sided for about an hour. This will allow us to solidify our thinking about an initial eleven for the opener on March 24, 2009. Start spreading the word. We want a crowd there!!

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