Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Trainning Session Today

Great Training Session today girls. We started to fall in love with the ball today. Great dancing, great shuffling, great dribbling, and most of all great play in the Upper Gym. Tomorrow we may have our five team-mates back from the Basketball tourney and that will give us 16 players.

We have skills out there. Diane had a great day and lived up to her hype. She is the real deal! Izzy is as smooth as silk on the ball and should prove herself to be a wonderful partner to eveyone on the team. Everyone did something good out there this afternoon and everyday we need to do more. Demi and Catherine did lots of good things in attack zone. Julie and Katie were strong defending. Jesse and Nia made their presence felt. Max stood strong several times which promises to help us a great deal. Sarah was good on both sides of the ball and played hard out there. Margaret showed some signs of samba football several times. Coach M helped a lot, doing things, demonstrating things, helping us all at every turn.

The Ball, The Ball, The Ball is our emphasis this week. We are scheduled for the Lower Gym tomorrow afternoon so we will most likely not be able to have an inside venue. Depending on the weather we may be able to go outside. Let us meet in the Lower Gym at 3:45. We will then decide what to do. Please dress for outside play. Cleats, should be worn, if we go outside, sneakers if we stay inside.

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