Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great week

Hey girls,

Terrific week. We really got forward, and as Coach said, if we have two center midfielders scoring 6 goals, we are certainly getting them involved. Our outside midfielders should had a few themselves, including the sanctimonious soccer star who just couldn't find the net. I was also really impressed with the defense. Granted, it was not the most difficult of circumstances, but we picked up the shut - out, marked our opponents, and continued to witness improvement in our communication and coordination. Kylie, Katie plus ten, and the Catillionaire herself did a commendable job when we substituted our entire defense out.

I can't wait for next week. We need to continue this going forward. St. Catherine plans on shouting forth thirty more Hail Mary's in order to get her goal. Dominica the Destroyer, L-Box, J-Hutch, and Margaradinho are also itching for a chance to join the already extensive score sheet we have compiled. Fun for all!

On a more serious note, Kangaroo poaching is no laughing matter. Loose and ineffectual regulations regarding hunting practices, combined with a global soccer community's avarice for kangaroo leather on their shoes, have effectuated the decimation of many kangaroo populations. Most of our soccer cleats are manufactured with kangaroo leather. I hereby reject further purchases of kangaroo leather, and will instead pursue alternative synthetic man-made leathers. I have seen the light. Will you?

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