Saturday, March 28, 2009

Owls Go Forward Again, take Quantico 8-0

Great game yesterday team. We dominated from start to finish and came away with a very convincing conference win. We are a good team.

Izzy celebrated her birthday with a delightful hat-trick which complimented another hat-trick from mid-field partner Diane. Six Goals out of the central midfield is truly going forward. Demee chimed in with her first goal of the season and Savanah popped in number 2. Good stuff, front runners.

We played an eager, but outmatched team and we didn't let them hang around. In our rush to score goals however, we tended to be sloppy at times. We tried to force a few that were not there. We need to work on build-up and possession for times when our mistakes, and we made some, will be punished. We need to play with daring discipline. The passing was not nearly as crisp as against PJPG.

Congrats Maxx, on your first shut-out of the season.

Overall, a great outing. We play home on Monday. Remember the white shirts. 2-0. Good stuff!

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