Friday, March 6, 2009

Outside is great

We trained very well today and discovered several strenths and weaknesses about ourselves. I loved the feel of grass under the ball and we all played very hard for 70-80 solid minutes. Another week of this kind of sustained effort and we will approach game fitness levels. Fitness is worth a goal or two against anyone especially in late minutes of a match.

Continue to play with the joy and dedication that you demonstrated today and we will truly have an extraordinary football season whatever our wins and losses record. Thank you to everyone for sharing what you know about this beautiful game that we play with each other and with me.

Remember today is picture day. Come to the computer classroom to pick up a uniform. I would like everyone to come at noon (right afterschool) so we can distribute the unis and settle all of the number issues. I am sure it will not be a problem. I guess I am not used to women sizes but they look very small.

Still looking for a goalkeeper.

Booge and Dave

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