Sunday, March 8, 2009

GoalKeeper Solution??

Friday was a great training day. The team pictures should be wonderful and I cannot wait to see them. I will email the individuals to you all as quickly as I can. Moving to the fields we looked great training in the unis.

The passing drills worked very well. We have good touch on the ball. Remember, however, no "hospital passes". Strike the ball with authority and get it to the receiver. It is the receiver's task to collect the ball. Make that task as simple as possible with good crisp passes. WE SHOULD ALL BE ABLE TO MAKE A 10-15 yard "daisy cutter" pass one or two touches. Practice it whenever you can with a friend whenever you can. Nothing will make a better team. Make the other team chase the ball!!!

We trained with field change passess on Friday. We can execute them. We did it pretty well in the drill. Please try it in field play. A field change pass is to an area on the field where play is not taking place. It is really a pass to space which we will talk about some more next week.

We may have found a goalkeeper. Katie had a wonderful day in the big net Friday afternoon. Her goal kicks were strong and she made several significant saves. I was sure that Izzy's free strike was going in top corner but Katie got there somehow. Brilliant!!

Everyone played well in full field. We made mistakes for sure, but we always contested the ball, and shared well all over the field. DL's rocket shot almost ripped my hand off. Defenders played well and the midfield was always contested. When players lost the ball everyone on their team, for both sides, played hard to get it back. We are starting to approach game fitness.

It was wonderful to get Alex Holcomb and Savanna Booth-Enoch on the field with us. Very solid players. Keep training hard and we will be a good team. Play as fast as you can!

Keep training hard and we will be a good team. Play as fast as you can!

Booge and Dave

ps Dave will be making his own entries now that I have invited him to the be an author of the Blog. I apologize for the delay.

pps The photo is just a random one I found on-line. I thought it showed the beautiful athleticism of our game.

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