Sunday, April 5, 2009

Slipping to 4-1, Moving on....

We were beaten yesterday by a very good team. No one is more disappointed than all of you by the game. I understand that. In the first 15 minutes we were confused, under-manned, and just plain bad. We all know the reasons for this.

I did not let you guys just play. I failed to use my imagination for the start of the game and I take the blame for that. Extraordinary people make no excuses for failure but learn from it for future success.

Seton, as they should have, took advantage of everything and put three scores in very quickly. Everyone, but all of you, expected us to fold our tent. We did not however and fought back courageously. We exhibited all of the virtures in the last 65 minutes of the match. I am very proud of all of you.

On the positive side, Diane's 10th goal of the season was a gorgeous strike and got us back in the match. We pressured well and did not give in after everyone arrived and we started to find our rythymn. We ended the half down 3-1.

We played hard in the second half. Seton got a goal on a great bounce off the post and we were down 4-1. Maxx had a solid 65 minutes in the goal. Izzy was game but exhausted. Diane was the best player on the field and Seton marked her at times with three players. We failed to take advantage of that. Our passing just seemed to be out of kilter a bit. Savanna tried to overcome her achilles problem but just wasn't herself. Nia's shins gave out. Gracie played her heart out. It wasn't our day.

Remember, we a lost a game, not a season. The game is history and the schedule is what we can do something about. We will keep doing the same things. We will keep training the same ways. We have Foxcroft and Highland this week. Let us go forward!!

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