Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday to 4-0

Great show on Friday, team. The passing and communication rocked, in the first half especially, as we hit the back of the net six times. Diane started us off with a crushed rope at the 3 minute mark. Five minutes later Savanna chipped in with a pretty goal off a deadly through pass from Gracie at the 8 minute mark. A few minutes later she popped in her second goal. Savanna completed her hat-trick, bringing the score to 4-0. Izzy, still feeling a bit under the weather, scored the first of her two goals at in the 25th minute. Liza Wood brought the score to 6-0, with her first goal ever, at the 30 minute mark. Beautiful play in the midfield slid her through for the point blank shot.

The game slowed down a bit in the second half but we still commanded play. Demi scored her 4th of the season with a nice strike at the fifty minute mark. Izzy crushed a shot at at 55 minutes bringing the score to the final of 8-0. We lost our concentration a bit for the last 25 minutes and survived serveral attacks. Only a great save from XX kept the clean sheet for us. We experimented a bit with 4 defenders and we will work a bit more with that in training on Monday.

Get ready for the big match Saturday against Seton. We will be a bit short-handed with Jordan out for sure, and Katie a probable at best. We are nicked and tired from the match yesterday. It is time to reach down and get one more solid effort. The team is transitioning from good to great. Coaching this team is pure pleasure.

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